Wildcrafted Mandala Chocolate Single - Peppermint 24g

Product Description
Experience the profound elements of the cacao bean, with its inherent sun-invoked ormus energy and bliss and vitality inducing properties, this is a starseed that is truly in alignment with the celestial realm. Cacao’s psychoactive brain-enhancing properties provide the most enjoyable and natural mood enhancement experience that will feel positively transendental.

The pure, rich taste and authentic texture of Mandalas fused with low-GI coconut nectar crystals is perfect as a blissful snack, blended with your favourite warm mylk, added to smoothies or used in cooking and baking.

Enjoy chocolate in its purest form.

24g disc. Ingredients: *Unroasted cacao beans (65%), *evaporated coconut nectar crystals, *raw cacao butter (5%), *peppermint oil, #sunflower lecithin.*certified organic    #organic

Vegan. Organic. Dairy-free, peanut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, cane sugar-free. Low GI.

Allergy information: Processed in a facility that also handles tree nuts, sesame seeds.

Nutritional information
Ave Qty Per Srv Per 100g Ave Qty Per Srv Per 100g Ave Qty Per Srv Per 100g
Energy 585kJ 2440kj Fat (total) 9.1g 37.7g Carbohydrate 12.9g 53.5g
Protein 1.8g 7.5g saturated 5.8g 24.1g Sugars 5.4g 22.7g
Sodium 16mg 65mg Gluten Nil Detected
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