Orgran Wild Raspberry Fruit Filled Biscuits

Product Description

Orgran Wild Raspberry Flavoured fruit filled biscuits are filled with 40% fruit content and are made just for you. Delicious natural gluten free goodness that are totally irresistible, but why resist? Take a bite into the baked shortcrust biscuit casing and you will discover the delights of the soft fruit filling and the fresh juicy flavours that will tantalise your tastebuds.

175g. Ingredients: sultanas 38.5% (raisins), chick pea flour, tapioca flour, vegetable palm oil, caster sugar, golden syrup (sugar syrup), raspberries (1.5%), natural flavours, natural colour, xanthan gum, raising agent - sodium bicarbonate, antioxidant - vitamin E.

Vegan. Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, yeast-free. May contain traces of soy, nuts, peanuts. Made in Australia

Orgran's Palm Oil Statement

As with all of our products, efforts are made to source ingredients locally, from reliable and trusted suppliers. We are aware of the significant amount of negative publicity surrounding the cultivation of Palm Oil / Palm Fat and as an enterprise do not support any environmental, animal or human exploitation.

We continue to undertake investigations into the procurement and use of substitute vegetable based shortenings such as, coconut and canola among others, however, the functionality of these in the manufacturing processes we employ along with the potential for consumers to suffer allergic reactions preempts the company stance of avoiding product(s) of this type.
Consequently, our only current option is that of Palm Fat / Palm Oil which we try to source from local suppliers, recognizing the value in avoiding the use of imported ingredients.

Our Palm Oil supplier supports the production of sustainable palm oil through the GreenPalm program. GreenPalm is a certificate trading program which is designed to tackle the environmental and social problems created by the production of palm oil. This trading program paid a voluntary premium to Palm Oil producer, for every tonne of Palm oil that the supplier use in production of the shortening, which is operating within the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s (RSPO) strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility.

Please let us highlight that although a proportion of our range of baked products contain Palm Oil / Palm Fat, a significant proportion our product range contains no added fats or oils.
In the specific application of baking, the choice of fats is very limited and traditionally, most commercially produced baked foods contain animal fats. This classification of ingredient contains cholesterol and a higher proportion of saturated fats and is not be complementary to our range of foods catering to vegans.

The ORGRAN brand consists of a comprehensive range of foods specifically developed for dietetic, allergen and nutritional requirements. We as a company are tasked with ensuring that the quality, purity or health benefits of any of our products are not compromised by adding modified, not naturally occurring ingredients from unproven sources. In addition, we take a strong stance in the disclosure of each and every known ingredient as clearly as possible on all of our packaging to ensure that the consumer can determine if the product is suitable for their own specific needs.

We reiterate that our simple philosophy and guidelines for all ORGRAN products is to provide the purest natural foods for better health and well being whilst also embracing the ethics and respect of environment and animal kingdom. This philosophy is not a lip service statement purely aligned with what the consumer would want to hear.

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