Lush Delights Korma Recipe Base 60g

Product Description

Lush Delights Korma Curry Paste is a mild and delicious recipe base. Use this curry paste to cook a flavoursome and healthy curry or use it as a spice rub.

This curry paste contains no oil or additives and is also gluten-free! It makes a wonderful and smooth curry using coconut cream that brings out the delicate spices in this Korma recipe base. This recipe base makes 4-6 portions.

Lush Delights is a fully Australian-owned family business and their whole range of delicious curry pastes are Australian-made.

60g. Ingredients: Freshly Ground Spices, Sugar, Sea Salt, Purified Water

Vegan. Non-GMO. Gluten-Free. No-Additives. BPA-Free. Australian-made.




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