$20 Donation for Blackie at Vic Lamb Rescue

Product Description

Sweet little Blackie was a severely neglected lamb, set for a painful and lonely life. Blackie broke his leg at a very young age and the farmer, in a moment of compassion, contacted Victorian Lamb Rescue asking if they would take him.

But this request was quickly revoked, with the farmer hoping Blackie would learn to cope with a dead leg and live long enough to be sold for meat. VLR’s vet team explained the severity and risk of an untreated break, and the high risk of infection.

It took 3 long weeks of negotiations before VLR could take custody of Blackie and this was no easy task as the farm was a 4 hour drive away. Sadly due to the prolonged neglect, Blackie’s leg could not be saved. The break became infected and the infection spread widely - completely destroying the knee joint.

Blackie's leg was amputated to ensure he had the best chance at a healthy, pain free life. After VLR collected him from the vet, Stella the lamb went running to his side and jumped in his pen to be with him. Stella was blind on arrival (but is now recovered) so she understands the stress of vet visits. Blackie started running around after Stella and feels a lot better after his infected and broken leg was removed.

Despite the neglect and pain he has experienced, Blackie is very a sweet and gentle soul. He sleeps curled up with Stella at night, he runs to his rescuers for neck rubs and he lovingly shares his meals with the baby lambs in VLR’s care.

Blackie’s surgery was in excess of $1000 and, unfortunately, he is not the only lamb in VLR’s care with a broken leg.

Each lamb that has arrived with a broken leg this season shares similar links in their story. Each lamb was farmed for wool or consumption, each lamb has a clear leg break that was not immediately treated by the farmer, and no pain relief was provided until arriving in VLR’s care.

Unfortunately, Blackie’s friend Stella has recently become critically ill. She is currently in an Intensive Care Unit with a poor prognosis and Blackie is very upset without her. She is receiving the best possible veterinary treatment in the hopes of returning home to her best friend.

Victorian Lamb Rescue has been a registered charity for just over a year and in that time has rescued more than 80 lambs and sheep. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals to live their lives as loved family members.

VLR is comprised of a very small team of 5 people that are responsible for all aspects of the organisation. They have very limited resources and urgently need donations so they can save as many lives as possible. Please consider adding a donation to your next Cruelty Free Shop purchase. 

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