$20 Donation for Fizz at Signal Hill Sanctuary

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Meet Fizz: The little chicken who wouldn’t give up.

When Fizz's best buddy died, she went downhill quickly. She was younger than the 128 other hens rescued from an overcrowded suburban backyard and she relied on her buddy for comfort and protection.

Without him she fretted and eventually shut down. That allowed an infection to take hold and she became the 16th of the 128 birds to go into intensive care. She weighed 98 grams.

Unfortunately, rescue had come too late for some. None of the birds who were in intensive care were strong enough to make it, except for Fizz.

On her third night in ICU she drank and stayed awake for about five minutes. The next morning she ate and over the next few days she was awake for longer and longer at a time. She started to demand food and move around on her hocks, using her wings to shove herself forward. Then she was standing, then stretching, walking and running.

She still has a limp from residual weakness in her left leg, but now she flies up and down from a perch and uses Signal Hill’s living room as her own personal jungle gym.

She's living in the house until all symptoms are gone from the others. They're slowly putting on weight and only a small number are still symptomatic. Nobody has been in intensive care for a week.

Signal Hill Sanctuary urgently needs donations to help fund medical expenses for Fizz and the other rescued hens, along with care and food for the many other rescued animals on the 200 acre property near Yass River in NSW.

Please consider adding a donation to your next Cruelty Free Shop order to help fund this important work that allows animals to live forever in freedom.

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